ArmerTech is a small South African tech company that eases the experience of every person by offering solutions to meet our basic needs.

The minamalist design of this website mirrors our focus on web development - ensuring things get done right in the background without the "flash and bling".

We have no interest in abusing your bandwidth with excessive graphics and distracting layout. That is why we give you a fast, efficient, low bandwidth website to view.


Our Director is a practical hands on woman who throughout her life has shown a keen ability to think things through, to be practical, to be organised and to organise everyone else.

She worked in a Large Government Department fulfilling a responsible financial position. Through diligence and a good work ethic she was promoted to Supervisory level when she was also responsible for training. Her natural skills of being objective, practical and at the same time patient with her staff resulted in a satisfying career which she left to raise a family of 4 children.

In later years she accepted a position in an Old Age Home as Caterer and following her success and demonstration of a love for older people, she became the Manager as well. She was instrumental in re-organising operations to achieve efficiencies and to ensure a high level of care for the Residents which she ensured was delivered in a loving manner.

Debi brings to our company all of her demonstrated skills and her vision to help people whilst also making certain that administration gets done.


Our Chief Information Systems Officer (CIO) originally comes from a banking career spanning 23 years. Paul has also run his own small businesses in different sectors.

His love for the precision offered by computers caused him to study a Batchelor of Science degree after which he also succeeded in obtaining a Batchelor of Commerce degree through UNISA.

Frustrations with the increasing reports of data breaches over the past 10 years have driven him to building our PassFile method of Identification and Authentication, and then on to the Encryption of data and files in such a way that the actual PassFile used to generate the values required to login and to encrypt, are only ever known to the User and are therefor under the User's exclusive control.

Pauls linkedIn profile can be seen here. Copies of qualifications for verification are available on request via email.